FAQ for Employers

Question: Who we are?
Answer: This platform is a project of Rehan Foundation and Super Technologies Inc., United States; both are Delaware corporations and follow the laws of the court of Delaware State, United States.  Please visit the about us section to learn more

Question: Do I need to register to post a job?
Answer: Yes, you need to register, we require you to have a Facebook account, to register on our platform if you do not have a Facebook account, and you can sign up for a FREE Facebook account.

Question: How will an employer pay the $100?
Answer: The employer can pay us using a credit card and PayPal.

Question: Is there any other charge besides the $100?
Answer: Yes, we have a $10 per month service charge to cover our expenses per person.

Question: Do you offer phone customer service?
Answer: Yes, you can call us on the following numbers. 
Employer Helpline: 1-646-682-0462
Employee Helpline: 1-646-351-1902

Question: What does this site do? How does it work?
Answer: 100DollarIntern.com is a platform that works as a mediator between employer and employee, Think of it as an Uber for jobs. It gets requests from the employer with the set of skills required for the job. Once the request is received, our system matches the requirement to the topmost compatible employees and selects the one who is closest to the requirement. The employer can start a three-day trial period with the employee without any charge; once the three-day trial finishes and the employer confirms the employee, the job is taken from the three-day trial to a one-month contract.

Question: How exactly can I hire an Intern?
Answer: Since our software platform is still under construction, you can call or message Danish Ahmed our COO on WhatsApp +1-646-682-0462 or Rehan Allahwala our CEO on +923002029425 Facbeook.com/rehan33 and tell us your requirements, we will manually find the employee you seek and arrange interviews with them for you.

Question: How many hours does my Intern work for me for $100?
Answer: Your intern works for you for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a month in $100 You can choose in the near future to pay them more money if you like, or if you choose to hire an intern or assistant who has more skills that you need.


Question: What can my intern do for me?
Answer: Your internet can check your email do your follow-ups make your phone calls for you, give your company when you are bored, chat with you and your friends. Keep an eye on your dog; give company to your parents over a video call. Be your virtual maasi, chowkidar,